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Since 2013, hundreds of artists, engineers, and producers have chosen 33rd Street Studio to create their best work. That’s because we know what it takes to produce world-class music, and what it takes to have that music heard by as many ears as possible. See for yourself why working with 33rd Street Studio is different and get a free quote today.



An assorted, rotating selection of the variety of music created at 33rd Street Studio.



33rd Street Studio opened in 2013 by producer Tyler Garcia in order to provide the highest quality recording experience while remaining affordable for local artists. We have served over 200 artists during that time in different capacities from producing and mixing, to songwriting and film scoring. A wide range of instruments, microphones, and other gear are available for use during your session. The studio is open to all artists and engineers that need a relaxed environment with good vibes to create their next masterpiece.  

What makes us different at 33rd Street Studio is that we understand the different production needs of different musical styles. We understand that your rock band needs punchy, energetic drums and aggressive, dynamic guitars, just like we understand that your hip hop album needs hard hitting 808s and basses, with a bright, in-your-face vocal sitting on top. We know that your country record needs detailed mixes for those complex arrangements and perfectly crafted vocal tones.

33rd Street Studio can also help you with release planning, marketing, brand design, and even offers a music business coaching program for artists that want to know how to be as successful as possible and start getting paid for their hard work. Get in touch with us and get a free quote today.

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Because a great studio is nothing without a great engineer. 


Tyler Garcia

Producer/Mix Engineer
Producing and Mixing
Specializing in Pop, Indie, Rock, and Punk

Recording professionally for 13 years, Tyler has been involved in the music industry for the entirety of his professional career. Tyler specializes in co-writing, producing, and mixing Pop, Indie, Rock, and Punk. Tyler’s engineering and production style is laid back and thoroughly detailed, with great care taken to bring out the best parts of every song that make them unique. Tyler teaches a recording course at ACM@UCO each year.


Gilson Machtolff

Assistant Engineer
Session Guitar
Engineering and Mixing
Specializing in Rock and Funk

Most of the time, you’ll find him on stage with his band, Magic Munchbox. Gilson also works as a session guitarist, and as Tyler’s assistant engineer. Not only can he add excellent guitar tracks to your music, but he can engineer and mix it as well. He specializes in rock, psychedelic rock, and funk. Gilson was brought on at 33rd Street Studio after being Tyler’s student at ACM@UCO.


Selected artists that have used 33rd Street Studio to create their music.

  • Special Thumbs

  • Justice Keeper

  • Keeper

  • ModernMyth

  • The Tooth

  • Shame

  • Wrong Ones Records

  • Hal Bird Records

  • Tallows

  • Mothica

  • ...And There Stand Empires

  • Saint Loretto

  • Nick Midnight

  • Hunter Baskett

  • Red City Radio

  • Seether

  • Masterhand

  • The Notionaries

  • Steelwind

  • Kale Dumas

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