OKC Recording Studio at 33rd Street Studio

33rd Street Studio


Since 2013, hundreds of artists, engineers, and producers have chosen 33rd Street Studio to create their best work. We are a premium recording facility that works with all genres. 



An assorted, rotating selection of music created at 33rd Street Studio.


Engineers and Producers 

Because a great studio is nothing without a great engineer. 


Tyler Garcia

Producer/Mix Engineer
Producing and Mixing
Specializing in Pop, Rock, Hip Hop

Recording professionally for over 10 years, Tyler has been involved in the music business for the entirety of his professional career. He has written, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered music from all genres, ranging from pop and rock to hip hop, bluegrass, and more. Tyler’s engineering and production style is meticulous, with great care taken to bring out the qualities of every artist that make them unique. He also works as a concert promoter, and teaches a recording course at ACM@UCO each year.


Gilson Machtolff

Assistant Engineer
Session Guitar
Engineering and Mixing
Specializing in Rock and Funk

Most of the time, you’ll find him on stage with his band, Magic Munchbox. Gilson also works as a session guitarist, and as Tyler’s assistant engineer. Not only can he add excellent guitar tracks to your music, but he can engineer and mix it as well. He specializes in rock, psychedelic rock, and funk. Gilson was brought on at 33rd Street Studio after being Tyler’s student at ACM@UCO.

Studio Rates

Tyler Garcia

$60 per hour

Gilson Machtolff

$40 per hour

The rate to record at 33rd Street Studio depends on which engineer you’d like to work with. The rate includes studio rental, as well as the engineer’s fee. There are no other separate charges for different services. Both engineers require a 3 hour minimum booking. These rates are for independent musicians and are subject to increase for corporate projects.


Selected artists that have used 33rd Street Studio to create their music.

  • Tallows

  • Mothica

  • ...And There Stand Empires

  • Saint Loretto

  • Nick Midnight

  • Hunter Baskett

  • Red City Radio

  • Seether

  • Blue Sirens

  • Masterhand

  • Connor Scott Frank

  • Ursa Wyld

  • The Notionaries

  • Steelwind

  • Nicnos

  • Kale Dumas

  • Pretty's New Petticoat

  • Them Hounds

  • Special Thumbs

  • Justice Keeper

  • Keeper

  • Jumpship Astronaut

  • ModernMyth

  • The Tooth

  • Shame

  • Thought Crime

  • QUIL

  • Wrong Ones Records

  • Hal Bird Records

 Everything you need to create a professional recording. If you're used to recording in high end studios that cost much more, you'll feel right at home here. 

Pro Tools HD 12

20+ Quality Microphones

32+ Channels of quality microphone preamps

Yamaha NS10m

Genelec 1032a